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Bouncy Kurumu by squishlover42
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Anyone want to partake in role playing of the squishy sexy variety (boobs, butts, even bellies)? Door's always open. I'll role play most of the art that's featured in my uploads, my favorites list or anything from the franchises below but if you have any special requests I'll see if I'd be into doing those too. No shame in it, it can all be done in private to boot.
Even if you're not interested in any fetishy material, I'm still open for a regular, casual RP instead depending on the franchise. I'm not ALL perv, after all.
One thing I WILL insist, though, is that you don't play as yourself. Those RPs can get weird fast and I'd prefer it if you just joined in as a character too. OC's are hit-and-miss, most of the time experiences with those have not been very great, so I'd probably just ask that you play as an existing character unless there really isn't much of a choice.
Also into hiccups, swallowing objects with funny results and bubbles; lots and lots of bubbles. <3
Not into vore, air inflation or pregnancy-related fetishes though, sorry. :|

Franchises include:
Total Drama
Jimmy Neutron
Looney Tunes (notably: Duck Dodgers, Loonatics Unleashed, The Looney Tunes Show, Space Jam)
Atomic Betty
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Haruhi Suzumiya
Rosario + Vampire
Dragon Ball/Z
Totally Spies!
Sausage Party
Roger Rabbit
Most Disney movies
Phineas and Ferb
Kim Possible
Dave the Barbarian
Nintendo in General, really, for the most part (notably: Pokémon (mostly the anime), The Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, Super Smash Bros.)
Ben 10 (excluding Omniverse)
American Dad!
Family Guy
Johnny Test
Marvel (Cinematic Universe)
Suicide Squad (movie)
Sanity Not Included
Neurotically Yours/Foamy the Squirrel
Camp Camp
And who knows what else. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Thank you all and have a nice day. :3


Mature Content

Bouncy Kurumu
Who said I was just into belly-related stuff, huh?

Aaah, Rosario + Vampire. Now I didn't read the manga so I don't know what I'm missing there, but the two seasons of the anime are ones that, for whatever flaws they have, I found to be genuinely amusing and with a charming set of characters.

Kurumu Kurono here's no exception to that, what with her signature breasts being the butt of jokes from the moment she was introduced. I don't mind that one bit. :3
Chubby Clover
Aaaah, Totally Spies. Fetish triggers in every other episode and even outside of that, still a fun show to watch for boys and girls alike. Clover's weight gain in "Passion Patties" is what made this show a weight gain icon and while I don't mind the way it played out in the later stages, I personally prefer her in this one scene when she's just got a pot belly going on. It suits her. Shame that only lasts for about 30 seconds before she suddenly becomes a sumo spy for the rest of the episode; this part in particular with the seat belt always makes me chuckle. :)
Stuffed Starfire
Aaaah, Teen Titans Go. As someone who's never seen the original TT, I can still say this show isn't very good. It's not funny at all, it's become a poor influence to all CN shows since, and it's always got its head up its own anus whenever fans and critics get rightfully butthurt. But at least it has a lot of fun belly scenes!

This one's from the belly-centered episode "Smile Bones", where she and the rest of the Titans let their bellies control their lives and stuff their faces constantly until... you know, this. And I gotta say, Starfire's looking especially cute with the way that thing is shaped. Earlier on we saw that her nine stomachs had separate bulges but since then it's morphed into one big gut. This I think is TTG's best belly, though there are admittedly some close seconds. :P
Zoe Swallows Her Squeaky Toy
I'm gonna be honest, I know absolutely nothing about the new Littlest Pet Shop cartoon, and I don't really want to know much about it. It doesn't look like my thing. But after somehow stumbling upon this scene from its first short, "Squeaker in the Main Role", I was surprised at just how much this scene suits a lot of what I like in a belly scenario.

Zoe bumps into a fire hydrant while chasing down her runaway squeaky toy, and in doing so she accidentally swallows it by mistake. Her belly grows after the fact, and after briefly poking it in retaliation Zoey found out that touching or moving her stomach made it start to do squeaking noises. Needless to say Zoe's a little bit... distraught by the whole thing, and hilarity ensues.
These kinds of scenarios always make me smile regardless of who's involved, and it's just a shame that it doesn't last very long. Zoe doesn't even get a single line of dialogue before she's eventually forced to spit the toy back out. I personally would have found it funny if they just ended the short on that note with the toy still inside her. But hey, take what you can get, right?
Hayley Gains the African 20
This is a weight gain classic from American Dad's first episode of its second/third season, "Camp Refoogee"; Hayley gorging herself over the course of an entire summer at a refugee camp has had some lasting effects on her figure, and... well, despite this, she doesn't seem to be all that concerned.

"Thank God we're going home. I think I gained the African 20. ...Seriously, I threw away more food than I ate."

The way she says that line so matter-of-factly while nonchalantly putting both hands on her gut, all with the same flat, uninterested expression on her face, tells me that she's learned to accept her pudge and just shrug it off as nothing to throw a fit over, even if she doesn't seem to enjoy it either.
...and what a pudge it is. It spills over her belt nicely and sticks out without making it cartoonishly overboard, and the small double-chin is a nice touch as well. I wouldn't have minded at all if this lasted several episodes before Hayley would finally get off her lazy butt and do something about it. It would make sense to me. :P


Anyone want to partake in role playing of the squishy sexy variety (belly, boobs and butts)? Door's always open. I'll role play pretty much any art that's featured in my favorites list but if you have any special requests I'll see if I'd be into doing those too. No shame in it, it can all be done in private to boot.

[Put this on your page if you role-play]


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